Winter Inspiration: Turtlenecks with Pocket Squares

Winter is our favourite season at Red Stag & Hind. There’s just so much about the layering, the matching and the rich textures that makes it fun and enjoyable. Of course – with the cold wind, festival decorations and cozy family time as well.

A month into winter, we have been particularly fond of the turtleneck combination – a practical piece that keeps you warm in the cold while bringing a sophisticated charm. We have chosen a few outfits put together by our dear friends to show you how impeccable turtlenecks could look with pocket squares.

Vlad Duda from @vd_style_point – date-friendly

If you want inspirations on turtleneck, Vlad is the person. Here, Vlad brilliantly complemented his earthy tone turtleneck and double breast coat with our dark blue paisley pocket square. Although on its own, the pocket square is quite a subtle piece. But when it was paired with the ‘mouldy’ spectrum of brown like this coat in taupe, it actually enhanced the whole outfit and made it a highlight. The matching colour palette of the scarf tucked in further harmonized it – creating a gorgeous coordination that made it approachable and just right. The wool pocket square is soft and lightweight so it is a great complement to knit and coat.

Vlad_turtleneck_navy paisley wool pocket square


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Niccolo Cesari from @niccocesari – roaming in style

Niccolo is the walking poster. You are probably not surprised to see him at a hotel party, jumping in a Mercedes S or flying off for breakfast in a jet. And when he does all these – he does it in style. In this outfit, Niccolo put together a casual, vibrant outfit in the midst of the cold. Lilac isn’t a colour palette that we usually go for but the contrast of the navy windowpane jacket and the lilac turtleneck was refreshing. He also adorned it with our grey silk tile pocket square, which shared the vibrant tones of the turtleneck and completed the outfit in chic.

Niccolo_turtleneck_grey tile silk pocket square


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Yan Gatti from @ygatti – Office and Bordeaux approved

If you are the kind of person who isn’t sure whether bright or moody tones are for you, pick black – you can never go wrong with a black knit or turtleneck in this instance. In this outfit, Yan showed off his effortless style by matching a black turtleneck with a deep navy jacket. It’s simple but not boring. He also smartly paired a pair of camel trousers with the navy gold pocket square to give it a lift, injecting a pop of colour without overwhelming the whole outfit. The clash of the dark and brown/gold tone finished the look with sophistication. It’s versatile enough for an office day, yet equally great for a vineyard visit.

Yan_turtleneck_navy/gold floral silk pocket square


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