Are Pocket Squares Too Formal?

For those who clicked into this blog, you probably know the answer already. Pocket squares are never too formal - it all depends on how you wear it. To give you some inspirations on how you could manoeuvre it with ease, we put together some references for you.


David Gandy, an icon of the modelling and fashion industry, has a great passion for pocket squares. While we all admit that he looks incredible in a 3-piece suit, he doesn't always dress as formal. If you follow him long enough, you would know that he has a classic yet contemporary twist to his outfits, e.g. pairing with t-shirts and jeans for many occasions. 


In the following outfit, though David was wearing a tailor suit jacket and trousers, the soft and casual fit of the t-shirt had massively altered the look by bringing a more relaxed and comfortable touch together with the pocket square. It was structured but flexible and approachable. So when you have casual elements to pair with the pocket squares, they are easy to carry and a delight to eyes. In the last outfit, David went even further by pairing with denim jeans so it looked even more relaxed. And OH MAN, how impeccable he looked. 


david gandy_pocket square


Yan Gatti @ygatti is an accountant, a familiar face to many of you. While he does wear pocket squares for formal working days, he also wears it for the weekend and day-to-day casual meetings. If you want your outfit to look less formal while wearing a pocket square, take away some formal dressing elements, e.g. tie, suit jacket, black formal leather shoes, etc. In the following instance, Yan elevated the casualness by wearing more neutral and relaxed items like the turtleneck jumper and the suede loafers. It's a smart and comfy look! 




If you look at this outfit, however, he took a step forward by adding a yellow polo shirt to a navy cotton jacket in a casual fit. The contrasting colours and light fabrics are uncommon to formal business wear. With a pair of suede loafers and a less structured fold of pocket square, this makes a good casual day.




This is my personal favourite for a casual but refined look. Just take out the white shirt and add something you don't normally see in the formal events and play with the colours and texture. Most of the time, a pocket square brings a refreshing touch to your outfit, making it more styled. 






If you have any questions or comments regarding pocket square or any other topics, be sure to let us know!



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