A Curated Collection For All Occasions

First impression always lasts. At Red Stag & Hind, we believe that every person has their own character and our goal is to bring out that charismatic personality through our quality fashion and unique design. With a curated collection of custom pocket squares and cufflinks, you will be able to find your perfect tune and make that impression last. 


If you are looking for intricate details to set your apart, look no further - we have everything you need from custom pocket squares to hand enamelled cufflinks, and even personalised wooden cufflink boxes to store your collection. Whether you dress up for work or special occasions, we have a wide selection for you to choose from. 


Stunning Cufflinks

Riding on the classic British heritage with a modern twist, we curate a unique set of cufflinks that are eccentric and exude personality. From nature-inspired designs like the bee cufflinks through to geek/tech-related USB cufflinks and robot cufflinks, we offer some of the most fun and quirky pieces that you could find in the market. It is most certain that these cufflinks will get the conversation going.

We also offer elegant cufflinks that are great for formal and social events and we have put together some of our best selling cufflinks for you.




Modern Classic Pocket Squares

Good pocket squares complements the outfit. Our custom pocket squares are designed to transcend the classics and embrace something modern and better. Each piece is created with premium fabrics of silk, wool, linen and cotton and handrolled by our experienced craftsmen to display beautiful edges even when it sits in your pocket. From the classic shoestring pocket square to the subtle blue paisley wool pocket square and the bold amber/yellow and grey floral silk pocket square, there are many styles and colours to choose from.





Why Choose Red Stag & Hind?

Compared to other big retailers, we focus on producing only the highest quality products that are unique and beautiful. We emphasise on quality over quantity and this is why our customers turn to us for our products. Where to buy cufflinks and pocket squares? We are here for you - offering an array of selection that are both premium and highly affordable so there is a pick for everyone. It is our goal to bring you a curated collection for all occasions, making every memory special to you. 



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